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- This is my second character, created a month after launch. Decided I hated my first one! ...2009.05.01 14:26:00
- I just got it. It'll take a while to get around all the subscribers, but yes, it is valid. ...2008.02.29 21:29:00
- Stellar Shadows is still better.QFT. Plus I liked the blue person and DNA rotating in the background ...2008.01.09 16:13:00
- As i understand it ccp was online playing during this event and casqade learn how to type man leave ...2007.10.16 20:49:00
- Edited by: Lu Tze on 17/12/2006 15:00:42 Nice... Now if I only had the money...! ...2006.12.17 15:00:00
- A long time ago, you couldn't cancel a warp. Now, just click the arrow to the left of your speedome ...2006.04.09 21:11:00
- Read the description of each race's destroyer. Each one has a bonus that depends on the level of the ...2005.09.01 18:12:00
- I used to get this all the time.However, on the release of Exodus, I found that using W buffer rathe ...2005.07.31 20:41:00
- You might have to clear your cache before the portraits you have already downloaded will work... ...2005.07.29 12:28:00
- Check your Z buffer settings under the Esc menu, graphics tab. Try all the options you have there! ...2005.07.28 21:10:00
- yeah, the majority of the gaming communityHeh, true. Not that I need to use it (from UK), but I exp ...2005.07.18 19:00:00
- CTRL-ALT-4 does it ingame for me. . . ...2005.07.18 18:56:00
- If I new what MOTD meant, I'm sure I'd agree too! Message of the day.A little message that appears ...2005.07.13 15:40:00
- It's not implemented in game yet... ...2005.07.07 11:55:00
- The patch due in July has a completely new tutorial. ...2005.06.29 10:58:00

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