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- Not at all - although generally speaking - people who take the time to post on game boards like this ...2003.08.05 12:38:00
- Can't email at the moment as I'm at work with limited web-based email access The was really only one ...2003.08.05 12:31:00
- Your English is perfectly understandable - and you hit the nail on the head - this is the way that a ...2003.08.05 12:11:00
- thats what I thought - cheers!its also very annoying that on the courier mission screen you cannot s ...2003.07.30 16:25:00
- my onboard soundstorm audio (ac97) was also causing the problem - bought an Audigy II - problem solv ...2003.07.30 16:23:00
- If I use a courier mission to sell an item (by setting the collateral to the value of the item for s ...2003.07.30 16:22:00
- CCP, please please please can you fix the damn bug which has half your modules turned off when you l ...2003.07.27 12:09:00
- Hmm....server is showing "Proxy not connected" on splash screen now..Come on CCP - post a message so ...2003.07.27 10:40:00
- I'm sensing a little rollback coming here..... ...2003.07.27 10:36:00
- Just got the following error message:Dogma encountered missing types on a reload: Because of this, ...2003.07.27 10:32:00
- Edited by: KillerQuokka on 27/07/2003 10:32:38 deleted see below ...2003.07.27 10:30:00
- Edited by: KillerQuokka on 27/07/2003 10:27:29 OMW slothe as soon as I can actually get back in to ...2003.07.27 10:26:00
- I think so - splash screen is showing 250 logged on, but I can't get past the authentication stage, ...2003.07.27 10:22:00
- NO, this is NOT a post wining about how super rare the rare items have gone - I AGREE with that - th ...2003.07.22 14:08:00
- Those bastards charged me over 200 euros THREE times for SOMEONE ELSES bill, straight out of my acco ...2003.07.18 16:33:00

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