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- I dont think suicide gankers can get away from Concord (sorry but I think you are mistaken). Further ...2009.07.16 17:02:00
- The dock/undock games are one of the worst combat features of Eve. The idea of an agro timer docking ...2009.07.14 19:09:00
- Oops, I left out Wormhole pvp. It is the newest thing and people are still working out the tactics. ...2009.03.25 19:01:00
- I know lots of players who do not get any sleep and are AWAKE during euro time ...2009.03.19 17:51:00
- Have to agree with the Strongbow Allure on this one. This is a big problem and it needs to be addres ...2009.03.14 22:26:00
- I have been trying to catch war targets in empire in the post-QR 'era' and it is messed up.Ships wit ...2008.12.11 02:49:00
- I am a PvPer and while I welcomed the 'nano nerf' I have to say that the changes implimentedin QR we ...2008.12.10 06:34:00
- Im almost certain the reason we have 'bumping' and not collisions is because suicide ships would bec ...2008.11.25 15:07:00
- Just want to chip in and say this idea would be terrible for Eve. ...2008.11.22 17:56:00
- Loved the video! ...2008.10.10 04:46:00
- I also have noticed a big drop in lag in several busy systems...Thank You CCP! ...2008.10.05 15:25:00
- Try doing the COSMOS mission? Try other things (mine if you so desire, try trading, try market specu ...2008.09.30 00:18:00
- Its been too long since I messed with a DED complex and I have a buddy who wants to know how to go a ...2008.09.30 00:16:00
- Takarakal, what you are suggesting would destroy Risk Vs Reward. Forgive me but you are thinking abo ...2008.09.27 15:40:00
- Khraunus had the best advice, pick yourself back up and get back in it. Everyone who has played Eve ...2008.09.04 01:09:00

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