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- think we got too bloated and greedy, numbers showed that we could field tons of ships, but yeah... ...2008.06.27 01:29:00
- Hey all my ex BRUCES! Sorrowed , grim, hell even raj all these ex bruces fighting about bruce! Just ...2008.06.13 20:14:00
- Amazing! Just watched the full vid and it was very creative, loved every minute! ...2008.06.04 21:30:00
- Strange how all the negativity come from outside sources from bruce, forum hacks and things taken ou ...2008.05.08 20:53:00
- replace your t2 EANM with at least a Amarr EANM i think it's just a bit better overall resists/fitti ...2008.04.23 10:18:00
- Nice ...2008.04.14 05:03:00
- Props for all the good fights RECON, and CR or not, they still hotdropped those moms very quick, all ...2008.03.06 17:27:00
- I was expecting to see something of a performance drop as its still the old UI / client and the engi ...2007.12.02 11:23:00
- iI think requesting the killmail in local right after u popped thee guys ship didnt help either. Su ...2007.11.30 06:21:00
- GF to huzzah exm and friends, and thanks samkier for putting it on the line and making people reali ...2007.11.08 00:22:00
- Edited by: evoli rehathe on 06/11/2007 11:18:13 GL got a feelin' it'll be coming up a bit earlier, ...2007.11.06 11:16:00
- Definatly trading can be quite worth it. The key is finding a right place to sell your items, may t ...2007.11.01 11:23:00
- yup i agree, i like domi + anathema ...2007.10.21 11:32:00
- *snip* Posting with an unidentified character and characters in NPC corporations in this forum is pr ...2007.05.03 10:07:00

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