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- It's the wrong forum for recruitment.Hoping this is the original Skywalker, cause you kind of owne ...2008.10.16 00:47:00
- So... you like stuff? ...2008.09.30 21:34:00
- If CCP accepted some sort of liability for not preparing for this kind of thing, I'd start over agai ...2008.09.25 00:35:00
- This is for Theoraden so he can get back in the game and couldn't post from his character.Cheers n0 ...2008.09.23 05:13:00
- Firstly, why would you want to make people quit EVE?Secondly, you clearly haven't been around long e ...2008.09.15 04:29:00
- it's me i'm da powerblock in syndicateThis. Second to Ifni ofc. ...2008.09.12 10:06:00
- I can't seem to find this on eve-search and really CBF trolling through each forum, but what ever ha ...2008.08.08 03:33:00
- People in micro gangs are allowed to run Blood Raider missions in only australian exe mem ...2008.08.06 02:02:00
- Edited by: Vampyre Queen on 03/08/2008 11:23:54 So when are people going to start taking all of bob ...2008.08.06 01:58:00
- JQA vs. Supremacy and friends was the first thing that popped into mind.Longest fight I have ever be ...2008.08.05 03:26:00
- IBTL (_|_) ...2008.08.01 03:32:00

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