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- This is a stupid policy, going against industry best practice. In all software shops I worked in t ...2009.04.30 11:03:00
- Edited by: Skylar Keenan on 21/01/2009 14:51:23 Stolen from myself in another thread.Cheapo, and bl ...2009.01.21 14:34:00
- Edited by: Skylar Keenan on 18/01/2009 00:26:34 edit: drones Cheapo, and bloody effective Pulse Ap ...2009.01.18 00:22:00
- Well i personally can't stand people who have that stupid concord background. I mean come on, do you ...2008.10.13 09:54:00
- Big revision and Jove flag added. Last for today. Awesomeness ...2008.10.10 14:46:00
- Those things look really sweet. Just one thing though. Could you do versions without the 'name' of ...2008.10.10 10:13:00
- This one has served me well.High: 6x Heavy Beam Laser II 1x Heavy Missile Launcher IIMed: 2x Cap ...2008.09.28 00:48:00
- Edited by: Skylar Keenan on 21/09/2008 12:24:43 edit: spelling Hmmm, this sounds more like Theory ...2008.09.21 12:24:00
- Yes. I posted three T2 setups for Gallente battleships that all get more dps than your officer fi ...2008.09.20 13:36:00
- Yes, 2 EM 1 therm. However it should be noted that it's 2 therm, 1 EM for armor. I never knew that t ...2008.09.20 01:06:00
- I see no good reason not to add them... ...2008.09.07 13:03:00
- Definitely Orc... I'd suggest a Shaman or Hunter. Although an alliance defence pala is made of win.. ...2008.08.20 21:23:00
- Instead of downloading and installing, simply right-click drag the EvE folder somewhere and select " ...2008.08.17 14:30:00
- You're putting words in my mouth. I never postulated that it WAS allowed, only arguing that it SHOUL ...2008.08.15 11:20:00
- Edited by: Skylar Keenan on 14/08/2008 11:13:34 First off; I can of course see why Chribba wouldn't ...2008.08.14 11:13:00

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