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- probably ...2010.02.05 23:28:00
- A Dom works great, just use active hardeners for em and thermal, lg repairer sit back and loose the ...2007.04.23 23:07:00
- This could solve the problem of afk cloaking. Say after a predetermined amount of time a cloaked shi ...2007.04.20 23:18:00
- WE are Spart........sorry Matar!!!! ...2007.03.16 18:40:00
- Well said, and spoken like a true Minmatar. But does not your religion based on slavery, also make y ...2007.03.08 20:11:00
- 1. Be able to specialize in manufacturing, example would be the ships I build will have higher spee ...2007.02.06 00:22:00
- Bring back mines that can only be used by the Stealth. Be able to lay mines while cloaked, move in ...2007.01.25 00:21:00
- Don't forget "Mork and Mindy" ...2007.01.12 21:06:00
- Lost in Space,or Firefly Firefly is my choice ...2007.01.12 20:54:00
- The worm hole has some merit. What if the worm hole was not static. It would only last a couple ho ...2007.01.09 00:56:00
- ditto, it must be a cloak ...2006.12.20 17:30:00
- As said before only a select group of bpo's make a lot of isk. I have an rcu II, had a conflagratio ...2006.11.08 22:51:00
- The evil Amarr Empire is starting to feel the effects of the UK efforts to free our brothers and sis ...2006.09.28 20:32:00
- Edited by: Cairhien on 13/09/2006 00:04:14 It has been discussed on how can CCP increase the time o ...2006.09.12 23:59:00

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