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- I want the t2 version of the tier2 Battlecruisers (Drake, Harb, Myrm, Hurricane). If you want a cap ...2011.07.08 10:05:00
- Add me to the pile of bodies.-2 accounts. ...2011.06.26 20:40:00
- I did some about a year ago at 2560x1600 for my sexy new (then) 30" monitor. Thread is here:Linkage ...2008.02.14 01:35:00
- Edited by: Abavus Durden on 03/10/2007 20:35:56 I also play at 2650x1600 on a bighuge Dell. Love i ...2007.10.03 20:33:00
- I live in Indy, hopefully I can make it downtown to say hello at Gencon. Can you say which devs w ...2007.08.08 21:03:00
- Cool stuff. Keep it up. ...2007.08.01 09:44:00
- Any ships in particular you'd like to see? Give me a short list and I'll see what I can do. ...2007.07.28 14:11:00
- Edited by: Abavus Durden on 28/07/2007 12:04:52 Pleasure Hub is awesome; how did you get such a nic ...2007.07.28 12:01:00
- Added wave 3 tonight... Nighthawk and the Pleasure Hub.I'm intentionally not changing fonts/styles ...2007.07.28 03:29:00
- Thanks for the post. Let's hope CCP can add a few more for you to link to. ...2007.07.25 00:14:00
- Thanks guys. Like I said, they're not that fancy, but I've got enough crap on my desktop and don' ...2007.07.22 13:15:00
- Edited by: Abavus Durden on 28/07/2007 03:54:44Back in January, I posted some 2560x1600 screens. I ...2007.07.22 02:18:00
- Loved the show this week. The Serenity Steele bit was great. I agree with what was said before in te ...2007.07.22 00:19:00
- Pukin' Dogs was founded as an EVE corp in beta7 and was started ingame about 2d after launch. Pri ...2007.07.15 03:46:00
- As the leader of one of the alliances that nobody cares about, I just wanted to say thanks to the EV ...2007.07.14 15:29:00

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