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- Edited by: Vicarrah on 16/12/2009 12:03:26 From my point of view (Heading on 90mil SP, pure Minmata ...2009.12.16 12:03:00
- Edited by: Vicarrah on 26/11/2009 12:01:35 5 years eh? I remember when you were all trying to guess ...2009.11.26 12:01:00
- Synergy doesn't work like that. It's a program for controlling multiple boxes with one mouse and key ...2009.11.18 23:51:00
- Nothing you quoted applies to Synergy. Synergy is not a macro program, it is a program that let's ...2009.11.18 19:48:00
- Final closed beta stage and onward representin'good to see some old faces in here. ...2009.11.17 13:59:00
- Would be nice to know the whole story no matter what happened.I don't think you're alone there... I ...2009.10.28 19:48:00
- Not that i really mind but... isn't this in the wrong section?And who cares about large 0.0 alliance ...2009.10.28 19:39:00
- I do hope nothing's happened..... (seriously) ...2009.10.28 19:29:00
- A long time ago, there were some very square jawed fellows who decided that they wanted to support t ...2009.08.04 12:24:00
- Tanzwutinteresting stuff, german metal with bagpipes. Incidentally, they're also called Corvus Corax ...2009.07.21 09:27:00
- Me with Minmatar. I didn't even like having to train other race drone skills, and I absolutely refus ...2009.06.07 10:19:00
- I think people need to calm down and start talking rationally.Applying stop-gates to a sliding scale ...2009.06.01 12:13:00
- Sarkos? And Bad Harlequin too?It's just like 105 all over again!do you really think we all went awa ...2009.05.29 12:52:00
- had this happen myself as well.1) unless you warp to 0, then cancel, then warp again at range, you c ...2009.05.09 17:05:00
- If you were the character that created the corp, you *may* be able to get it back via a petition. I ...2009.05.02 16:49:00

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