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- Edited by: Bargler on 30/09/2003 19:39:23 So go join a corp that won't have tax then!It isn't gimpi ...2003.10.01 15:45:00
- Edited by: killzone on 30/09/2003 18:10:21 Actually, npc bounties aren't pure profit. Just like a ...2003.09.30 18:09:00
- There are 2 problems with having low yields for mobile refineries. 1) If people were to use them ...2003.09.16 13:58:00
- A corp mate and me refined 333 Scordite each. I have Refining 4, he has Refining Efficiency 4. The ...2003.09.15 19:52:00
- I agree 10-12% would be a more sane nerf. ...2003.09.11 13:39:00
- Are they highly bugged or will they be ready for player testing soon? ...2003.09.10 14:06:00
- I posted that I thought the ab stacking reduction would hurt industrials. Some people responded a ...2003.09.05 18:02:00
- I'm totally against removing the stacking of ab's. Industrials and frigates are barely bearable w ...2003.09.05 15:43:00
- Roids don't grow. That was a silly rumour started by someone a month ago. The only way you get f ...2003.08.24 01:10:00
- They need a confirmation screen showing the stats of the mission, with an accept button. ...2003.08.07 02:57:00
- Edited by: killzone on 06/08/2003 18:10:50 Edited by: killzone on 06/08/2003 18:09:56 Do you want ...2003.08.06 18:09:00
- Anybody know what the reimbursment policy regarding this bug is? I lost a LOT more than 1.5M and ...2003.08.04 14:27:00
- Where do people keep getting this 300 number from? Right now old bp's are set to unlimitted.NEW c ...2003.08.01 17:34:00
- It never ceases to amaze me how CCP over reacts to everything. Perhaps harversters where dropping ...2003.07.29 19:24:00
- Thats not what was stated in the dev blog. It said existing copies would be set to the max no of ...2003.07.29 18:42:00

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