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- As a progressive Ni-Kunni, I believe that:There is no god.The Scriptures are a joke written by someo ...2011.05.06 01:05:00
- Lorna is my given name. Doone was a nickname my grandfather gave me. Although I had no idea what it ...2011.05.04 19:00:00
- ...the Empire evolves.Its continued adherence to outmoded concepts and superstitions such as God s ...2011.04.22 01:50:00
- It's the 42nd Heimatar Choirboy Squadron I worry for... ...2011.04.15 11:51:00
- Edited by: Lorna Doone on 06/04/2011 05:13:43 Disclaimer: for various reasons I haven't been able t ...2011.04.06 05:11:00
- I would like to nominate The Cosmopolite. His verbal spats with Amarrian loyalists are often far mor ...2011.04.01 22:12:00
- For bitter old vets…Anyone remember this?Oh yeah. Jade and Halseth made CAOD interesting for the fir ...2011.02.21 22:02:00
- Just look at the fate of the Udorians and the Ni-Kunni. Once they were slaves but now they have b ...2011.02.17 19:11:00
- Regrettably, Darveses, I must eliminate myself. I have been unable to attend the previous events and ...2011.02.17 18:54:00
- Oh my, it truly is a pleasant surprise to have made it through to the next round and I thank the jud ...2011.02.14 08:20:00
-"Because rehab is expensive" ...2011.02.10 16:34:00
- I have an Acer. The downsides are a crappy battery life compared to its rivals and also upgrading RA ...2009.01.08 01:07:00
- Oh dear Rana... Still, after living planet-side for so long, it is nice to return and discover that ...2009.01.07 23:11:00
- Ooh, I like competitions, so here's my submission:Q: What's Amarrian, disapproves of slavery, flies ...2008.06.23 14:52:00
- 1) - Veto - Mercs and/or pirates, not exactly sure what they do currently. 2) - Zombie Inc - Old pi ...2007.03.15 14:31:00

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