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- dont rent a hotel, rent a condo, and get the party going. ...2009.08.27 03:17:00
- Mate I hate to point it out to you, and Im sure others will prove what Im saying, but CCP said it th ...2009.08.25 22:08:00
- How the hell do they have your email address though?signing up on forums somewhere, buying isk throu ...2009.08.24 18:20:00
- it is still console only and no mentions of a PC version in the future. I personally hope there wil ...2009.08.24 13:32:00
- YaY! something I can fly :) ...2009.08.21 22:45:00
- Magnometric: Who says the metal the ship is made from is magnetic Gravimetric: No gravity in space L ...2009.08.21 14:34:00
- current version of SISI seems to be compatible with TQ, less they change it before the server comes ...2009.08.20 16:24:00
- Frigs only work if you have 30 of them or so, you want cruisers, with lots of ewar. ...2009.08.18 22:36:00
- You can get upwards of 10k effective hp in a t1 hauler, Why do you think they have all that CPU, its ...2009.08.13 10:47:00
- You're in your fourth month and still havent reach skills that require more then two weeks? What are ...2009.08.08 16:28:00
- I'm sorry, The only reason any corp gets robbed is due to the CEO's being stupid. You have 100% con ...2009.07.30 20:14:00
- aye, congrats to him ...2009.07.30 19:47:00
- 1. corperate assets, if you wont stop people stealing then at least add sec statis or something, ...2009.07.29 20:56:00
- So, does he normally cry like this or is this something he picked up in WoW? ...2009.07.29 17:02:00

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