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- It's for Vendetta Online. Press release is up at TS web site. ...2008.07.03 02:52:00
- Crawl isn't bad either as an alternative. A bit more straight-forward and less odd/random stuff. h ...2008.01.27 02:27:00
- If you turn the velocity bar(where it shows your speed) red, that would do nicely. Its unobtrusive, ...2008.01.24 01:40:00
- Overview settings and bookmark folders are the ones that take ages to sort out so put those at top o ...2007.12.23 20:53:00
- Seperate client with smarts built in to validate identity via regular EVE client when the two run to ...2007.12.14 17:14:00
- Cannot login - log server shows "no space on device" after the "authenticating" pop-up during login ...2007.12.06 13:02:00
- There are actions available for drones to attack, return and scoop, return and orbit. Go look sat t ...2007.11.30 12:18:00
- Edited by: Decairn on 31/10/2007 00:25:31 I was hoping the UI work would be a rethink from the grou ...2007.10.31 00:21:00
- Same basic rules but force switching of ship types across successive matches so there is less predic ...2007.09.14 16:49:00
- Can we get a "paste" function? There's a copy to clipboard, how about the paste? What I am doing i ...2007.09.11 03:53:00
- Number of subscribers isn't everything. EVE delivers a game environment like no other out there. C ...2007.07.31 16:25:00
- Remove quality. Make the rewards based on faction standings and system security status only. Remove ...2007.07.10 16:41:00
- 10,000 tracks, 52Gb mix of m4a and mp3s ripped.Have about another 300 CDs (~4000 tunes) to go. All ...2007.07.07 01:38:00
- Decentralising of the agents is on the dev agenda.In the meantime, move about 3 hops out of Motsu an ...2007.06.06 21:19:00
- The best chants hockey fans can come up with is Go <INSERT TEAM NAME HERE> Go. Try watching some foo ...2007.05.17 00:32:00

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