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- I have been looking at the sentinel a bit (for pvp) - and can't really make up my mind about it...Is ...2010.02.22 14:32:00
- Noticed this on the sale forum a few days back: ...2010.02.08 09:50:00
- I have been considering to put up a small tower with one of those new "Large assembly array" modules ...2008.11.28 13:40:00
- great movies - thank youhow much of a tank do you have on your dominix ? - infact what setup do you ...2008.11.17 09:54:00
- so what is the best tower / setup for supercap construction ? seeing that the shipyard take most of ...2008.08.08 13:30:00
- Edited by: Bono Kakos on 18/09/2007 16:22:43 I am wondering. Does the signal dispersion skill affec ...2007.09.18 16:22:00

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