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- Marcus Xero,What exactly is the problem with bounties that your proposed system is fixing? I can't s ...2010.01.21 07:02:00
- Dijad good topic.Skira Ranos has the right idea in my estimation -- though I would include more than ...2008.12.14 23:39:00
- Hi Jart.Thanks for the input. No problem with posting a link to your thread here. I take it you ar ...2007.04.07 01:15:00
- Edited by: Amicus on 06/04/2007 01:49:51 Ah finally! Reform of the bounty system is on the dev Dra ...2007.04.06 01:49:00
- Hmmm, have not seen bounty reform mentioned in a while. ...2007.01.11 04:49:00
- #1 Fix the public bounty system so that the bounty target cannot profit from the bounty. (See BOUNTY ...2006.03.18 00:04:00
- A solution to bounty fraud that both pirates and carebears have been able to agree on is to limit pa ...2006.03.09 09:05:00
- Something like your proposal Artemis is apparently is in the works with the contract system the Devs ...2006.03.09 08:56:00
- Edited by: Rells on 06/03/2006 13:02:29I have ideas to repair the system and it is simple. No matter ...2006.03.08 02:23:00
- Hi Lienzo,Agreed that problem is the pirate getting the money. However, bounty hunters are not goin ...2006.03.07 03:53:00
- Ah found another bounty thread to post in!Before anything, need to reform bounty system so that boun ...2006.03.07 03:40:00
- Ah finally a bounty hunting thread -- been awhile. Current system does leave room for improvement. ...2006.03.07 03:03:00
- Current system does leave room for improvement. Noob sees target with flashing bounty and assumes h ...2005.10.13 01:15:00
- complete immunity to ebil buggers around gates in the more dangerous systems. Hmmm "complete immunit ...2005.10.06 00:47:00
- To me it seems like your Idea would work better with the bounty paying out based on destroyed value ...2005.09.22 15:13:00

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