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- Hey Yall! I plan to attend. I could sure use some pointers on getting a highsec POS up and running. ...2011.01.07 18:55:00
- Awesome! I shall be there as well. Let the pitchers flow and the stories be told! ...2010.10.13 01:36:00
- I shall be there! Kinda out of the game, maybe yall can get me excited about it. ...2010.03.10 13:57:00
- I will be attending! See yall there! ...2009.03.06 02:40:00
- Coolness, see ya there! ...2008.11.20 06:25:00
- I ran this mission yesterday. I believe its' called Smash the Smugglers. It is extremely challenging ...2008.09.03 18:44:00
- Ahh yeah! I will attend. I look forward to meeting yall again. ...2008.04.28 13:25:00
- Edited by: Don Karlos on 23/02/2008 07:17:08 Hey I think I will make an appearance and meet some Sa ...2008.02.23 07:17:00
- Sacramento Ca. Home of the Governator~! ...2004.03.09 03:00:00
- Edited by: Don Karlos on 23/07/2003 14:13:40Well I used to hunt NPC pirates (20-40k) in my Vexor, in ...2003.07.23 14:12:00
- nah...changed my mind.. DON't LOOK ...2003.06.02 21:35:00

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