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- So, essentially, I should drop a basic command center on a planet and play with extractors for a b ...2010.07.12 22:20:00
- Wow, that is one heck of a bastard child PI colony! :DPS: I think your routing is wrong. ...2010.07.12 21:58:00
- Edited by: Teavan on 09/07/2010 15:42:58 "Corp shares were probably(?) also introduced with Exodus" ...2010.07.09 15:42:00
- I received an evemail about share transfer on Saturday and the transfer and payment was made this mo ...2010.01.11 15:18:00
- My corporation would use a service like this. There are days where we don't have the capital to fill ...2009.12.22 22:28:00
- The biggest reason, in my opinion, is inputting prices by hand.Anyone who is sick of that will event ...2009.12.19 21:30:00
- My corp's payroll and industry software is based on the API, so this is quite annoying. ...2009.12.19 17:27:00
- NPCs used to buy minerals and sell ships. ...2009.12.19 17:22:00
- Signed. My corp depends on the API to function. ...2009.12.17 18:57:00
- While I may be considering submitting a bond proposal (back and forth for awhile), I figured this to ...2009.12.17 17:26:00
- New person comes to MD looking for 4B isk. Someone audits his corp because "its required" and they f ...2009.12.17 15:16:00
- Edited by: Teavan on 17/12/2009 17:27:28 Edited by: Teavan on 17/12/2009 15:39:41 Edited by: Teava ...2009.12.17 15:06:00
- I know I'm late to the thread, but I have to giggle at the people that say 30B is too much for this ...2009.12.17 14:59:00
- Mining does not generate isk, it only causes isk to change hands.Oh, but insurance...damn :D ...2009.12.14 14:02:00
- First CityWide Change Bank wishes to reserve the entirety of the remaining shares in the Catalyst Tr ...2009.12.13 15:37:00

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