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- There should be another CSM candidate BS 1v1 tourney tbh. (spoiler: elise would win) ...2011.03.05 00:06:00
- stuffsGood posts, Sreegs. Thanks for braving the angry unwashed masses and taking the time to write ...2011.03.04 03:05:00
- I wish there was some kind of notification when you pod someone with an insufficient clone. Well, a ...2011.02.28 07:42:00
- There are innumerable ways to protect yourself from suicide ganking. In its current form, I don't s ...2011.01.20 11:27:00
- Next time make sure that can't re-online the tower :FNice haul ...2010.12.24 21:26:00
- When is remap available? ...2010.11.22 06:52:00
- Stop the presses, you found a WH?!? One whole wormhole!?! Holy sweet merciful mother of jebus, I'm ...2010.11.13 23:38:00
- Sounds really good! I for one am glad you are focusing on polishing features before releasing conte ...2010.11.11 19:11:00
- Protip to filter out 100% of contract scams: don't be dumb. ...2010.11.08 22:08:00
- Isk sent ...2010.10.10 05:47:00
- hey im looking for a wormhole to live/play in with a corp/allance im very active and love teamwork u ...2010.10.05 02:19:00
- Fighters spawning guardians is a myth. Fighters will not spawn anything. ...2010.09.26 04:28:00
- yes breaking into someones house (probably a crime with prison time regardless of your country) is a ...2010.09.24 06:01:00
- PL does not use sniper hacs anymore just sayinUm check their killboard for Sunday Night and Monday m ...2010.09.22 03:51:00
- Good god, less emoticons please. ...2010.09.21 09:10:00

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