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- Buyout.Please contract to me. ...2008.01.17 00:39:00
- Edited by: Devin Beck on 12/01/2008 18:31:30 Edited by: Devin Beck on 12/01/2008 18:20:24 offer re ...2008.01.12 18:20:00
- Friendly bump for a great corp.Dev ...2008.01.06 20:32:00
- Friendly bump for a bunch of great guys and gals! ...2008.01.05 22:54:00
- Good to see you back in EVE, Jimer.If you guys are looking for a skilled and trustworthy scout pilot ...2008.01.05 22:49:00
- My best advice: Find a niche and a way to be unique. ISS was always the most interesting when it ...2007.11.28 23:50:00
- You heard SA, Sanctuary is a corp you'll love. ...2007.11.14 22:16:00
- Hello.Im looking for a corp and can meet your first 6 requirements. I am an able miner (can fly a hu ...2007.11.08 23:57:00
- A lot of great people have joined up with us over the past few weeks, and we're looking for more. St ...2007.11.08 03:35:00
- Good to see ya strike out on your own there Wrok. I'm expecting to see nothing but good things from ...2007.11.07 05:42:00
- Back up to the top we go!! ...2007.10.29 21:05:00
- Still looking for pilots to join our family, stop by when you get a chance.Dev ...2007.10.26 22:36:00
- Recruiting is still going strong. Feel free to drop in on our public channel.Dev ...2007.10.21 13:48:00
- Hello, He talked to me before about residents but he was NEVER given the role of accepting them, nor ...2007.10.12 16:03:00
- Gullible... nah... Negotiations had been going on for over 4 months.Not Gullible?TRI didn't have any ...2007.10.12 09:01:00

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