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- Will Jump Freighters be exempt from this as well as Black Ops battleships? ...2011.05.10 18:24:00
- Limiting the jump bridges to 1 per system MIGHT be palatable if you also increase their range to 7.5 ...2011.05.10 18:16:00
- One JB per system? I expect a threadnaught. Regardless, a nerf was needed. Overpowered force project ...2011.05.10 18:11:00
- Honestly, I'm still confused on why there is so much time being placed upon this?Last I heard only 1 ...2011.04.22 15:08:00
- Did you just give an example of what the CSM could do with the situation while wondering what I co ...2011.04.14 16:40:00
- The CSM is not responsible for any at all (maybe I can find my Goon - English dictionary and find ...2011.04.13 23:57:00
- yo we'll discuss it at the Q&A, there's not much to say besides 'looks like a structural failure at ...2011.04.13 07:49:00
- Alert! Your computer is broadcasting an IP address!!!!11Settle down frances. Consider: you log in un ...2011.04.12 00:00:00
- The CSM backlog exists because one of the defined roles of the CSM is to vote on proposals raised ...2011.04.11 23:49:00
- Focussing on only one issue is going to cost us dearly in terms of lost time.While the nullsec commu ...2011.04.11 21:48:00
- Some posts in this thread make me wonder how some of you act outside of your basements. God help you ...2011.04.11 21:12:00
- Beer and tabledancing in gay bars both figure heavily in my persuasion strategies.I thought you re ...2011.04.11 20:37:00
- Ah, I see my mistake. Eve has trained me not to log in, which apparently you need to be to see that ...2011.04.07 14:58:00
- Edited by: Fuujin on 07/04/2011 14:58:56 Once these forums go read-only, CAOD will be flash-frozen; ...2011.04.07 14:46:00
- so i went on an 8 day bender in reyk, win the csm election, and come back to find some angry dude wh ...2011.04.01 15:55:00

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