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- Edited by: Sparhawk on 31/05/2005 19:39:26 Well,(1) When you refer to your lady as "leet" (2) When ...2005.05.31 19:37:00
- Personally while a member of numerous PVP corporations I have heard little complaining about outside ...2005.05.31 19:27:00
- It is hard to believe with EVE and the evolution of technology that pilots and inventors would be so ...2005.05.25 19:11:00
- So many options:(1) Your Alt (2) Necessary (3) Productive (4) Balanced (5) Rich ...2005.05.18 22:01:00
- "If you are interested in helping people out in RHC and HC then by all means apply for ISD STAR, we ...2005.05.16 18:17:00
- Bah! This topic seems more preference related then anything. Hard to argue preference. ...2005.05.13 20:53:00
- Currently I run:Highslots: 5 Siege 1 Defender (If they fire missles) 1 Siege if they use Lasers ...2005.05.13 17:47:00
- I was 99% finished with Vengeance when there was an emergency reboot. As a matter of fact the Torps ...2005.05.11 15:32:00
- I've personally flown with Supremacy and I can tell you that having spent time with them in TS that ...2005.05.02 22:13:00
- Sparhawk,He is a humble loyal player with alot of humor. Doesn't play himself up to be anthing he i ...2005.05.02 17:56:00
- Some Ideas:You could limit the visibility of pilots by requiring you are within scan range, or they ...2005.04.22 19:28:00
- Yes. There are alot of us out there. ...2005.04.13 16:51:00
- "and now i have a question.. since alliances are not nearly as strong with most of the hardcore pvp' ...2005.04.07 21:37:00
- What is the general feeling about corporation members who leave an Alliance who then want special ...2005.04.07 20:56:00
- LOL ...2005.02.26 06:37:00

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