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- 1) 710 ...2006.12.11 15:32:00
- d) 46 ...2006.12.06 01:36:00
- I'll take one please. ...2006.02.14 03:03:00
- Long time vet returning to Eve after a break. Very high level mining and refining skills, just shy o ...2005.11.22 13:57:00
- Hm, you are going to mine in 0.0, so basicly most of the miners i know make 300mil a week... In retu ...2004.07.14 16:53:00
- Hi, I'm a second account of a mostly pvp fighter. While I love pvp there are times where I woul ...2004.07.14 15:01:00
- Great idea! But the return on investment sucks. ...2003.07.09 16:49:00
- Fortress. It's called a "paragraph" man, learn to love it. I may agree with you on some points. I ...2003.07.03 21:06:00
- Pre-patch I had a factory do this to a blueprint. The blueprint reappeared the next day after the s ...2003.07.03 20:44:00
- Why not, Lester? You had nothing in your bookmarks or addressbook when you started... what has cha ...2003.07.03 20:26:00
- "There is no real way to say I won’t steal you isk so all you can do is trust me."Actually, there is ...2003.07.02 16:34:00
- You let a guy with a zero in his name in place of an O join your corporation? It sounds like you ha ...2003.07.01 19:35:00
- Falnaerith, you ass, not everyone is fluent in English.Viper, just exit the station and redock when ...2003.07.01 18:02:00
- That's not pedantic, but this is:It's "spelled" ...2003.06.27 21:19:00

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