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- A really fascinating set of events has happened for this game and over the history of CCP. I would ...2011.06.25 17:02:00
- WOW Thumbs up to incarna and CQ This was a great change and a lot of content in a short time. It w ...2011.06.22 15:23:00
- Lots of experience with cake to offer, however you must like talking and have semi-thick skin.Busine ...2007.11.01 12:39:00
- Sorry no bug. You need to get a skill called signal acquisition and train it to level two or use a ...2007.01.13 05:41:00
- They told me I could have an afro. I got a Gallente and an Amarr girlfriend instead.. no afro yet b ...2007.01.04 02:36:00
- I counted about five posts that seemed honest and unbiased. Most of the posts were from Bob either ...2006.11.14 21:19:00
- The "lost treasure" of Xetic was no big deal in terms of todays mining production.I think that no ma ...2006.11.11 09:34:00
- Best idea so far, and the only idea I favor. ...2006.08.28 04:52:00
- The simple and in my opinion most egregious example of how game mechanics favors pirates is this - ...2006.06.04 23:10:00
- Edited by: Darodem on 01/06/2006 06:40:11 Edited by: Darodem on 01/06/2006 06:39:24 I don't want m ...2006.06.01 06:24:00
- One way they could make it better than vent or teamspeak is to include a text to voice from gang cha ...2006.05.13 15:42:00
- Aye I think the official explanation is - That most NPC are drones - otherwise why would they be so ...2005.09.16 17:09:00

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