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- Eve is here to stay, people may leave and new ones join it goes on and on :) ...2010.08.18 12:34:00
- supported ...2010.08.18 11:21:00
- Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, I need to do some work but will be back to give it the atten ...2010.08.18 07:17:00
- Been away from eve for a long time and just getting back into this confusing space stuff, been doing ...2010.08.17 23:27:00
- Edited by: NastyLlama on 10/08/2010 00:22:30 Edited by: NastyLlama on 09/08/2010 22:57:30 Nice ide ...2010.08.10 00:22:00
- I just wondered what it would be like to test not testing anything for a test ...2010.08.09 23:01:00
- Edited by: NastyLlama on 09/08/2010 22:57:30 Nice idea played in the beta for a good while but afte ...2010.08.09 22:54:00
- Edited by: Quanteeri on 26/04/2005 14:27:10 This game is being ruined so it can keep the custom of ...2005.04.26 16:28:00
- Lots of people complain about feature"x" others about "y" and all agree to disa... no, ..... to whin ...2005.04.26 16:10:00
- Nice game for mining :) ...2005.04.23 20:10:00
- I just got podded and lost a full set of implants by a bunch of horrid pirates that didn't even stay ...2005.04.23 16:49:00
- Edited by: NastyLlama on 23/04/2005 16:50:09 Very nicely written. No one EVER forgets their first ...2005.04.23 09:43:00
- Personally I have a daughter and a partner who loves her cups of tea.... When I sit down to play I ...2005.04.23 08:26:00
- Got bored mining a long time ago, and my harveys went into ignore me mode,to much effort to go pick ...2005.04.16 11:35:00
- I'M to fast for them to lock, ill be ok doing 30 jumps no problemo ...2005.04.16 11:03:00

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