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- Your post is beautiful, but for this clause: Sentience does not necessarily emerge. We simply do not ...2009.03.11 03:50:00
- # Which test you were in: March 9 (fleet battle and POS takedown tests)# OS version: Vista 32bit Ult ...2009.03.09 20:35:00
- Regardless of the negative feedback I've read so far in this thread, I have to say: Well done.To peo ...2009.03.09 16:47:00
- also, the Loki needs: a 3rd damage bonus on all Offensive Subsystem, everybody else have them mo ...2009.03.05 06:21:00
- Its only that passive tanking on these ships that is too uber ( I pray for the day CCP finally stac ...2009.03.05 05:10:00
- Interesting read.I can't agree more on the Proteus, I can positively confirm that my Vexor/Myrmidon' ...2009.03.05 01:33:00
- And.. here's what the gallente are going to get.. LinkageLooks like it got patched up with electrica ...2009.02.27 15:08:00
- And.. here's what the gallente are going to get.. Linkage ...2009.02.27 14:06:00
- This is the visual cue I want to see when people start overloading modules&guns.+1 ...2009.02.25 20:45:00
- bump ...2009.02.20 15:02:00
- People, this is a bug fix, placing a hard-limit on the drone control range, now no matter how many d ...2009.02.12 10:42:00
- "Heterophobia is a term used to describe irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against ...2009.02.05 11:28:00
- Small update: If you liked playing this, a new challenge has been released 3 days ago, based on user ...2009.02.02 18:23:00
- drones being able to be resynchronised due to loss of connection was discussed with CCP when the CSM ...2009.01.31 21:28:00
- Nothing novel, imo; It's all about determining which neurons to connect to, if you get the right par ...2009.01.30 09:42:00

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