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- Before the patch I was doing this with 3 accounts part time. I manufactured t2 modules and ammo. I ...2011.01.28 16:35:00
- I have had it work both ways for me.When I first updated my planets post patch they showed around 22 ...2011.01.28 16:25:00
- Edited by: Strrog on 11/12/2010 09:49:59 I am gona hit 25 on Dec 14, was thinking of going to a str ...2010.12.11 14:42:00
- Edited by: Aldor on 11/12/2010 14:39:57 Ok maybe I wasn't disclosing all the facts.. I wouldn't s ...2010.12.11 14:39:00
- I'm actually quite curious of this too. I went on evegate but its not on there. Help? ...2010.12.10 23:12:00
- It isn't a browser based game but I'd like to take this opportunity to pimp Progress Quest which is ...2010.12.10 23:05:00
- Edited by: Aldor on 10/12/2010 22:54:50 Quit./cThat is so defeatist of you C! More than likely I'll ...2010.12.10 22:53:00
- Maybe if the ticket was taken care of properly forum posts wouldn't be necessary. With such quick p ...2010.12.10 22:49:00
- Your wife tells you that you have to quit this awesome games because "you spend to much time on this ...2010.12.10 22:46:00
- In light of another discussion that we were having earlier, what is your favorite browser based game ...2010.12.10 22:36:00
- Chuck Norris riding into the Super Bowl on the back of Godzilla and round house kicking the crowd ...2010.12.10 22:28:00
- You should give her a pearl necklace. I heard they're pretty cheap. You can even make them yoursel ...2010.12.10 22:16:00
- 38. Remember how those hippies back in the '60s used to say "Never trust anyone over 30"? Turns out ...2010.12.10 22:05:00
- TL;DRHere is my thoughts on this.When EVE was in its infancy and the market was mostly NPC buy order ...2010.12.10 20:06:00
- Turned 30 yesterday(the 9th)!!Shoot fool!! Happy birthday! If I were logged in I'd send ya somethin ...2010.12.10 19:55:00

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