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- I work as a GM for another game and when our logs show nothing then it's the fault of our logs not t ...2011.04.06 00:26:00
- So instead of trying to fix the moongoo distribution of wealth which you broke quite some time ago y ...2011.03.31 21:39:00
- Is there any difference? It makes one bad less the other but both are still bad...Changes how far-re ...2011.02.25 23:50:00
- everyone says the amarr carrier is the best for fleet ops and there's always been moaning on the for ...2011.02.22 02:01:00
- That's not dissimilar to how I ran sanctums down in provi, warp in at range then wtf pwn everything ...2011.02.17 02:07:00
- As for the rest, would have been argument winning points if torps still hit out to ridiculous ranges ...2011.02.16 22:25:00
- Ok sure go scram, but a (deadspace) AB + armour tanked cruiser is just going to roll over and die to ...2011.02.16 20:57:00
- The Maelstrom is an excellent PVE ship when done right. The Phoon and Pest make excellent PVP ships ...2011.02.16 18:56:00
- Yeah, my corpmate is like "Why Nid/Chimera? Archon ftw" but I refuse to train Amarr Battleship to V ...2011.02.16 01:02:00
- again you are comparing tachs to 425 rails and that is wrong. still rails do more dps than arty eve ...2011.02.15 06:15:00
- To a degree it depends on what you're flying with and what they want as both of these carriers have ...2011.02.12 18:01:00
- I think I can speak for everyone in BDEAL in saying that we really appreciated the support and help ...2011.02.11 20:56:00
- The 3x shield resist rigs were at least 5 mil a pop and their combined effect would be less than hal ...2011.02.11 00:59:00
- tldr = Finally a use for those PVE Ravens.Which we apparently get to kill shortly thereafter, ah the ...2011.02.10 17:33:00
- Projectiles are nice... on ships with projectile double damage bonuses. Lasers are nice on anything, ...2011.02.05 18:57:00

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