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- :D ...2010.10.28 01:44:00
- Havent spoke to you in a while KD, you still suck.shame to see another old face go.o7D ...2010.10.04 02:35:00
- we dont want you. ...2010.09.09 21:29:00
- where is my beer? ...2010.06.20 23:14:00
- Finally got to fly in an alliance tournament, glad that we won it.GF o7D ...2010.06.20 22:08:00
- yes, game went live 6th of May 03 iirc, and i was in the beta before that ...2010.05.24 23:20:00
- WTB Option earlier than Jan 03 for starting to play eve ...2010.05.24 23:09:00
- saw this thread before, and well, couldnt be arsed at the time. however, given it rolled by again i ...2010.05.04 18:10:00
- FireIceHulk < If actually an honest post = legend.on a related note, monkey kills stupid peopleon a ...2010.04.26 18:50:00
- Why is the warp speed of Logistic Class Cruisers so gimped?HACs and HICs and Recon ships all warp at ...2010.04.25 22:25:00
- Edited by: Deros on 01/11/2009 18:33:19 Oveur gave the top ten oldest corps in the game, and then a ...2009.11.01 18:32:00
- nice fight, approx 50ppl on the killmail of the titan, no officer nanos's to whoever asked, but 3 sm ...2008.11.06 02:10:00
- lets not forget their second DD an hour later at the gate.fleet 100k off shooting the bait in a med ...2008.07.27 23:20:00
- lol at the lag, have not seen it like that in a while. died, couldnt even activate a gun or rep. ...2008.07.27 21:26:00
- Hurray, finally it's being balanced.But I'm not happy to see how it's being done. Fine, the speed is ...2008.07.25 11:46:00

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