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- ah - just tired the font fix link in another post and that fixed the login issue. Perhaps you could ...2011.06.22 06:59:00
- Just tried again and also got this same problem. ...2011.06.22 06:56:00
- I had a strange one earlier. A Lai Dai level II agent who used to be Production division but is now ...2011.05.19 23:58:00
- I like the changes overall but I hope that your standing with the NPC corp also factors in to the re ...2011.05.16 14:59:00
- Maybe the lost research time can be donated to the Concord inspectors so that next time they don't c ...2003.07.07 21:26:00
- As a scientist I really like the agent idea. Maybe you could get an agent mission specifically for ...2003.06.30 14:24:00
- how about make an AFK flag - but have it only useable while in a station - you are not supposed to g ...2003.06.30 14:07:00
- I can understand the desire to not change too much in game, as this problem will eventually disapear ...2003.06.25 14:56:00
- Will this change apply to Labs as well as factories? If so, could you please make the Labratory Ope ...2003.06.25 09:44:00
- Quote: ----------- Safer bidsMany of the market scams we have seen rely on the fact that someone ...2003.06.19 16:32:00
- Is there any way to extract your character portait as a regular image file?When I got my game I crea ...2003.06.13 17:46:00

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