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- OP cleans up the turds i leave in space and thinks he is a big bad pirate. Keep going son i like it ...2011.05.03 12:23:00
- Actually that would be a pilot in a pod with a soon-to-be pilot in a pod. Double Trouble. ...2011.04.20 10:56:00
- oh yes please i certainly want some bionic replacement for my poked out eye! ...2011.04.16 11:05:00
- lost mine at a bar brawl. ...2011.04.13 20:25:00
- Stuffed Smoked Salmon Balls For 6 peopleIngredients, 4 ounces smoked salmon Packet imitation crab ...2011.04.11 17:34:00
-`s frozen! ...2011.04.06 19:49:00
- Since it is bad to you it must be a nerf! How about filing a bug report? ...2011.04.06 19:41:00
- Why moon goo is not dynamic is still beyond me.. ...2011.04.06 18:29:00
- lose all skills and will be forced to reroll. ...2011.04.06 18:23:00
- Haters gonna hate. ...2011.04.06 16:22:00
- A. I am a woman So am I. What's your point?B.grow a sense of humor, it would hilarious if this was ...2011.04.06 12:13:00
- Tasty! ...2011.04.06 12:07:00
- EVE Survival ...2011.04.06 11:04:00
- I want some sort of weapon system to combat your derp.You need to fit T2 herp launchers! ...2011.03.31 19:40:00
- Training for a bomber at the moment on my pvp alt, gotta make the most out of it as long as it lasts ...2011.03.30 20:03:00

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