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- not really a close call but still funny. I was in outer ring pod traveling jumped into 4c- with a 30 ...2011.02.24 00:09:00
- come join the laughs ...2011.02.07 19:07:00
- they just ran some ads on bbc america a little while ago ...2011.02.04 19:18:00
- I started when sentry guns killed pods not just ships ...2010.12.31 19:29:00
- good bunch of guys and i'm almost tempted ...2010.10.18 18:46:00
- let's see when i started top of the line ship was the merlin so disappointed maybe ...2010.10.10 15:08:00
- still promising walking in stations ...2010.09.07 14:35:00
- 2003.05.08 16:32 0ne day after launch had to wait on the mail. Hell I even ordered the guide and it ...2010.08.08 21:19:00
- Can't say we haven't had our differences over the years but always a group worthy of flying with in ...2010.07.19 19:31:00
- Line of sight firing - live fire/missiles etc hit whatever is in their path on the way to the targ ...2010.07.09 22:09:00
- the npc spawns we got in exodus with mixed ammo types in the same group of npc's of 10+. Sadly these ...2010.07.07 16:37:00
- the answer is 42 ...2010.06.24 20:35:00
- then there are those that don't worry about any sp loss due to server being down. ...2010.06.24 18:32:00
- just get same name characters together with just a different spelling works wonders. ...2010.05.13 17:03:00
- well years ago they were ok at piracy and then somehow failed their way into a merc outfit but like ...2010.05.10 18:12:00

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