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- Edited by: Levi on 31/12/2009 19:10:48*sniff* old timesmy 1st days. ninja mining ark in a velator, ...2009.12.31 19:06:00
- Merry Christmas! - To CCP & Everyone In Eve! ...2009.12.24 19:33:00
- try these: ...2009.12.18 18:07:00
- Hey Wrangler, 'supanswer the question. ...2009.12.16 14:09:00
- thx ccp, it's much appreciated. \../merry christmas to you and your's. ...2009.12.15 23:54:00
- someone posted in another thread:"Ratting in 0.0 allows you to make easily 15M isk per hour (15M isk ...2009.12.09 17:28:00
- *yawn* and what's ur point? miss altwanna change the world?did ya lose a ship?some bad ol' carebear ...2009.12.09 16:46:00
- zealot (sac too) needs some luving& countering with whine posts from other hac pilots won't stop tha ...2005.12.06 16:59:00
- agreed! avalon.. and signed! sacrilege is yet another innocent bystander to the recent missile nerfs ...2005.07.24 20:16:00
- try relogging ephemeral. sometimes this fixes things with agent offers as well, then check ur mail, ...2005.07.17 00:22:00
- joe, did you get exactly double the offer? (sounds like a spearmint commercial - double ur pleasure ...2005.07.17 00:17:00
- open ur persons and places and look under agents, should be in there, finding it if ya got a lot of ...2005.07.17 00:11:00
- 1) ibtl hehe 2) it should be locked that opened up your personal session with customer support so ev ...2005.07.16 23:50:00
- yeah.. seen planetary vehicles sell for as much as 10k at times. but when u start accumalating too m ...2005.07.16 19:31:00
- wow, finally get one of the level 4 agents i'd been waiting to get for quite a while and..i get a co ...2005.07.16 15:28:00

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