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- question: indeed, again, we want to know whether PLEX can or cannot still be used from another stati ...2010.07.12 11:42:00
- we are interested in placing an orderi sent most details via evemailthx ...2010.06.03 19:32:00
- wow, just wow, do you believe this?no? really ... 2 words ... plausible deniability i do not know t ...2010.04.19 10:29:00
- Wayfarer Stellar Initiative <STLR> is recruiting corps .... I am the head Diplo, Zekran is the head ...2010.03.18 04:15:00
- Im going to use the Lai Dai corporation in this example to describe it to you, feel free to substitu ...2008.07.08 02:09:00
- it takes a 6.75 standing to achieve a true 0% we take tax on refining, at a 6.67 the decimal is redu ...2008.07.08 02:05:00
- Edited by: xiansheng on 08/07/2008 01:58:43 I never ran missions for the R and D agents themselves ...2008.07.08 01:58:00
- not to dis too much on the RPers in game, but amarrian loyalists, or caldari or whatever, are just g ...2008.07.08 01:38:00
- actually r and d agents require both a personal and a corp standing, read the info on the agent you ...2008.07.08 01:03:00
- Edited by: xiansheng on 01/07/2008 15:13:19 hehe Han beat me to it : ) but that worked for me ...2008.07.01 15:12:00
- Edited by: Ricdic on 06/11/2007 08:04:00Our pricing is as follows. 50k per job, plus 14k per hour. T ...2008.04.11 18:18:00
- personally, i think a fix to the ME research slot problem would be through research slot dedication. ...2008.02.02 21:26:00

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