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- Ah yes I did accept it since I had a miner friend around but we never found the quest asteroid (foun ...2009.12.08 00:19:00
- Oops this is me posting, I'm a bit rusty I just came back to the game ;) . ...2009.12.07 23:00:00
- ... ...2007.03.14 12:37:00
- Retailers/stores don't like games that can be bought online as they see that as direct competition. ...2004.09.29 05:18:00
- I don't know much about wars. I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of war a corp can ha ...2004.09.28 16:10:00
- I think that lvl 5 is meant to be the speed bump that separates people in skill. New players will tr ...2004.09.27 07:25:00
- As I said, I've done quite a few of them (about 20-30), and so far I always got the time bonus, us ...2004.09.27 00:20:00
- I'm also in the habit of never refusing missions, but I did some of these were it was impossible to ...2004.09.26 20:58:00
- Edited by: Tolkh on 02/09/2004 15:24:16 After just geting introduced to EVE leveling system I came ...2004.09.02 15:21:00
- The idea with new players catching up is that they need to feel they are making a difference. If the ...2004.09.02 15:03:00
- Something to consider though is that when you talk about specialisation you usually have a path that ...2004.09.01 18:37:00
- I joined not long ago and research is something that I wanted to do thinking it was a valid career p ...2004.08.30 23:58:00
- I was on trial too and just extended to regular by paying 20$. Your problem is that you seem to have ...2004.08.29 20:49:00
- Thanks guys, I have a better idea of where I'm going. I'll try to avoid switching race for ships, I ...2004.08.28 16:09:00
- I only have around 600k skill points but I'm about to have access to lvl 3 agents. I'm a Gallente an ...2004.08.28 03:35:00

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