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- Using a GTC converts your account from a paid account to a trial, not sure on the char thing I don't ...2008.02.22 23:17:00
- By coordinate he means how the gang deploy their ECM drones, if everyone dropped em on the same targ ...2008.02.22 23:05:00
- Predator and Prey. Please don't glorify piracy by stating they are "predators" they are not they ar ...2008.02.22 22:10:00
- I manged to find out a GM post about G15s on EVE search.LinkageSo as long as your at the keyboard an ...2008.02.22 17:22:00
- The GMs have said the G15 and other similar devices are fine, If your at the keyboard and still oper ...2008.02.22 06:55:00
- Its because EVE is a MASOG (massively anti social online game) where you have to be conscious of the ...2008.02.22 06:37:00
- I expect that all the threads about fixing low sec and mission hubs will go away now. Im sure be ...2008.02.22 01:34:00
- I thought Infods claim to fame was because they let Lofty run away with their blueprints? ...2008.02.21 20:58:00
- It entirely does not say that. I don't know if people read the newsletter or just see numbers and g ...2008.02.21 20:52:00
- Moon mining isn't unique to lowsec moon mining has a risk too it even though it provides afk isk.L ...2008.02.21 20:12:00
- Your still proposing nerfing of high sec to prop up the failing and broken low sec, what you suggest ...2008.02.21 17:35:00
- Edited by: Brutoth Tain on 21/02/2008 17:16:01 Badger II3x MSE IIs 1x T2 Passive EM amp 1x T2 Pas ...2008.02.21 17:14:00
- Marcus why does high sec ISK production need to be nerfed exactly? risk vs reward is bull**** as its ...2008.02.21 16:57:00
- Once again I didn't say remove lvl 4's from highsec I said redisribute their payouts so that lows ...2008.02.21 03:58:00
- If this is the wrong forum, sorry. :(I also tried searching, but it gave me too many posts so I gues ...2008.02.21 03:51:00

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