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- I wish I would have read this topic before hand with no warning i went to get elena but she had 4 es ...2004.01.30 19:09:00
- ditto couldnt shut off lasers or pull in harvestors now cant log in... gang member was still logged ...2003.08.25 22:19:00
- Boy CTD EVE ... both 3 letters hmmm..I was on today and my address book friends went green red green ...2003.08.20 02:03:00
- I know I posted earlier on this subject.. and was told must be my system couldnt be ccp... My Husban ...2003.08.05 00:29:00
- Edited by: Seaufly Dragon on 05/08/2003 00:36:30 Well I have latest drivers and my puter will somet ...2003.08.04 14:45:00
- Well I have latest drivers and my puter will sometimes ctd and other times just flat reboot and I di ...2003.08.04 06:07:00
- I too have been having this problem since the last patch. My puter will shut down completely at tim ...2003.08.03 03:58:00

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