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- Thanks for the ideas. I think I will try the SOE approach and see how it goes. ...2007.05.30 07:41:00
- I took a long break from playing, came back and got into a high sec corp in Amarr space.I ran missio ...2007.05.29 17:48:00
- Or maybe some of us don't want to fly the same Caldari mission runnner everyone else is flying and c ...2007.05.29 17:41:00
- Signed. Terrible "feature" did anybody play test this before it went live? ...2007.05.29 17:35:00
- Edited by: Arondos on 25/05/2007 07:57:35How do people come up with crakcpot ideas like CCP is going ...2007.05.25 07:55:00
- Another thing I would like on the market. When I open the market window. Don't load anything till I ...2007.04.27 19:33:00
- So may ways to exploit this. scouts already brought upOh here's my non pvp character in a support sh ...2007.04.27 19:27:00
- Basically anything routinely used in combat gets namedMoney ShotIndies I have Da Pig, and Slow Ride ...2007.04.23 05:22:00
- 1. Force people out of the noobie corps. Quit giving macros a free ride. Have the tax rate climb the ...2007.04.23 05:13:00
- A drawback to one character per accountTake something like this hypothetical situation. You've could ...2007.04.23 04:46:00
- I would love to run the map bug background. To many times the "pretty" nebulae make it hard to see t ...2007.04.17 19:39:00
- I like the idea but I would shorten the time. Say to a week per skill level? If you aren't going to ...2007.04.17 19:37:00
- I don't play that much. Mainly high sec mission running. I would love to see this implemented. As is ...2007.04.12 18:22:00
- Edited by: Arondos on 11/04/2007 18:53:28 Everyday I play I get annoyed by a few simple things.1. F ...2007.04.11 18:50:00
- In the fitting menu a load all and unload all to cargo option. No more dragging for each individuall ...2007.04.05 08:16:00

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