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- Taggart Transdimensional ...2011.07.06 19:17:00
- Oddly enough, I find these micro discussions about the virtual economy of Eve to be fascinating. F ...2011.07.03 06:26:00
- None of you are wearing a monocle. I'm sorry, but this thread is dead to me. ...2011.07.01 17:37:00
- Hmm. This is very serious stuff.I want to hear what The Monocles have to say. ...2011.07.01 17:27:00
- You think this was a PR failure?I beg you to think again.Eve made news. Rioting in Jita was a PR's d ...2011.07.01 08:51:00
- Edited by: Torin on 29/06/2011 22:50:05 ...2011.06.29 22:47:00
- I just added this list to my Facebook friends list. ...2011.06.29 19:58:00
- Shut thy non-monocled mouthhole, miscreant! This thread holds valliant purpose! We are talking about ...2011.06.29 19:47:00
- A Monocle has blessed this thread by posting in it!!This is truly a happy day. ...2011.06.29 19:36:00
- CSM impeachment?! Man, this is good stuff.I hope you people give this much passion to other equally ...2011.06.29 19:33:00
- I heard that when you look through the lens of a monocle, you see dead people...or through clothes. ...2011.06.29 19:28:00
- Seriously though, where can I get help to cope with my monocle envy? ...2011.06.29 19:19:00
- I, for one, welcome our new monocled overlords. ...2011.06.29 19:14:00
- Thanks for the answer, Riley. ...2011.06.22 06:08:00

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