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- Posting them to you now.... ...2008.07.03 20:41:00
- 1 full set of non-capitals @ 250m in Niyabainen pls. ...2008.07.02 18:25:00
- Check with Cigbock Yankee for pricing and availability. We have all the t1 BPOs and copy slots avai ...2008.07.02 18:20:00
- Dylan,Please drop me a line in-game. I'm working at present. I'm sure we can produce much if not a ...2008.05.16 21:31:00
- I just got your message today and replied. I can fill this order no problem, I just need you to spe ...2008.05.14 22:20:00
- 3 each Railgun and Ion Blaster BPCs 2x Cap Armor Repper BPCs Siege Module BPCPlease send availabil ...2008.05.14 22:18:00
- Please contact me in-game. I'm presently at work. ...2008.05.12 21:15:00
- phat lewt... buggery... comedy death... all that sort of thing.I can't remember the name of it now b ...2008.04.17 21:56:00
- Make it either really simple to resolve situations (e.g., d20) or make it really really complicated ...2008.04.17 18:37:00
- In an effort to assist CCP in finding ISK sellers and macro players, I offer the following tip in th ...2008.04.15 15:58:00
- Another thing, how can you flame people who aren't on staff, for not doing staff jobs? The people o ...2008.04.14 20:18:00
- It's a pain to move. Perhaps carriers should get larger ship hangars since they blow for moving oth ...2008.04.14 19:57:00
- This sounds like a way for CCP to avoid paying someone to document their game.I recall a ship reimbu ...2008.04.14 19:31:00
- I can build every non-COSMOS item in the game that is player buildable.Depending on the contract req ...2008.03.25 18:38:00
- I can produce and deliver this entire orderin a timely fashion. However, I will only deliver to con ...2008.03.07 23:31:00

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