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- my velator loadout can kick your ass. I got sneaky and put two civ blasters on mine after taking OFF ...2003.07.25 02:06:00
- works correctly for me. some are online, some offline. ...2003.07.24 19:01:00
- If this isn't a bug, how are we ever supposed to produce stations (the requirements for which will l ...2003.07.18 18:45:00
- Quick question I'm wondering if some of you traders can answer.As the game has progressed, have you ...2003.07.16 21:11:00
- That's two words. ...2003.07.14 18:48:00
- How frustrating. It seems like they keep trying to make this stuff WORK instead of FUN. Killing rate ...2003.07.13 16:14:00
- High risk should equal high reward. If you're 30 jumps from nearest station and killing high end 50k ...2003.07.13 15:02:00
- Happened to me as well at a sun pirate spawn. We had a corp-mate get ambushed by the invisible cruis ...2003.07.13 00:57:00
- Emizzon... just do your thing, man. Lots of folks like what you do and get a kick out of it. Are the ...2003.07.12 21:43:00
- j0rt: "...I wouldn't hope to assume people would like what i drew on toilet paper while im taking a ...2003.07.12 06:11:00
- My main char got stuck going through the New Caldari > Nonni highway gate. I cranked up the alt, and ...2003.07.11 15:11:00
- I completely agree. Also, Eve costs way too much for the amount of entertainment we get!!!Fact: I co ...2003.07.10 05:05:00
- A fellow corp member was making a long courier run to pick up some mega and zyd. He is in a very fas ...2003.07.10 04:58:00
- Good idea. I used to go to Chaos, until I got.. uh.. "accidently" pod-killed by a dev/gm. I havne't ...2003.07.07 21:57:00
- I think Concord has certain funding agreements with the larger npc pirate corps. Neither side can af ...2003.07.07 17:26:00

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