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- Further misrepresentations of the facts by you on this matter can only be explained by an intention ...2009.10.12 12:25:00
- Especially from people who have tons of experience at not working at a bank.Delusional Work History. ...2009.09.30 18:46:00
- If the rate they pay is high enough to justify the risk of bank failure, then maybe banks can succee ...2009.09.30 13:44:00
- I just look around, casually, and then proceed to do what I care to with them. So far no one has com ...2009.09.30 13:10:00
- This is exactly what we need. A thread dedicated to telling us all why banks fail in Eve and how to ...2009.09.30 12:59:00
- You don't need to "break" the package to view the contents. If I recall once you peek, the deal bec ...2009.09.30 08:23:00
- I can only assume when they break the seal (or w/e it is, havn't hauled in ages) they get a piece of ...2009.09.30 07:25:00
- The OP is more than welcome to eve mail me any details that he feels can only be shared in game. I w ...2009.09.30 07:12:00
- Bah, to all of the above.Researched BPO is only worth what someone will pay for it. You may not like ...2009.09.29 20:54:00
- Yet another market fuctuator starts a thread. ...2009.09.29 17:54:00
- Is it possible to see how much ISK in transactions you've made since a certain year?Only if you've b ...2009.09.29 17:48:00
- I think some people predicted as much as 8 if mining became the only source of minerals, but we stil ...2009.09.29 07:51:00
- I currently have a corp that is simply for my own alts in different regions etc.This was your big mi ...2009.09.29 07:32:00
- I am a middleman in need of a buyer and seller, please contact me via eve mail, I will be on in like ...2009.09.29 05:50:00
- Oh, for the record, anyone who has offered up any *specific* information at all in this thread, or a ...2009.09.29 00:44:00

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