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- Still looking for miners or those who want to start out mining to generate isk to allow them to move ...2007.10.26 00:37:00
- Edited by: Bambooza on 25/10/2007 14:35:56 Edited by: Bambooza on 25/10/2007 14:34:39 Core Technol ...2007.10.25 14:32:00
- Would like to buy the Nidhoggur and Thanatos complete packages when they become avalible. Also 4 fu ...2007.06.22 17:38:00
- Still looking for these BPC. ...2007.06.22 15:26:00
- Would like to purchase the following BPC Capital Propulsion Engine 20 run BPC Capital Sensor Cl ...2007.06.21 18:17:00
- Tried the rolling back of the video drivers and applying the newist drivers for my Geforce 6800 GT. ...2004.10.29 07:32:00
- I too have been having problems with the shiva client, graphic wize.You can get the region names on ...2004.10.29 07:30:00
- In truth one could shut down Chicago airport for a while if they planned it correctly and had enough ...2003.09.30 23:21:00
- Btw:You cannot cloak your ship while you have targets locked. You cannot cloak your ship as you are ...2003.09.23 21:47:00
- It is a great idea but the possibility of the packet and or the shell program itself being hacked an ...2003.09.23 21:04:00
- Screen shots can easily be altered. ...2003.09.23 20:55:00
- Cao Cao you have some valid points even though I do not agree with the restrictions through the jump ...2003.09.23 20:52:00
- Indeed it would be a client side item as the data needed to perform this action is already being sen ...2003.09.23 18:37:00
- ... noob corps ...Are they in a corporation or formed a new corporation? If so why not bring war do ...2003.09.10 18:54:00
- Ya i agree two frigates should not be able to take down battleships. In my option 3 for cruisers an ...2003.09.09 19:35:00

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