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- They are getting it right so when its released it will have the ability to mine 10x the speed of a n ...2008.08.06 22:53:00
- fanboisWay to come off like a hairdresser. ...2008.08.06 22:33:00
- If you can undock in any form and be "immune" to non consenual PVP failing lag out then eve has ch ...2008.08.06 20:18:00
- the really problem with killing suicide ganking, is that it will destroy the industrial aspect of t ...2008.08.06 19:34:00
- Removed inappropriate content -Taera ...2008.08.06 19:08:00
- 200k x 1 account == 5 x 50k accounts. ...2008.08.06 18:57:00
- When QQ doesn't work, scare 'em with the macros bogeyman. Saw some guy try to use that one while arg ...2008.08.06 18:46:00
- Blame those who did campaigns dedicated to suicide ganking This. It took 6 months, but Goons have f ...2008.08.06 18:11:00
- This is almost as funny as all the ZOMG SUSPEND ACCT! that happened when goons first did the jihadsw ...2008.08.06 18:08:00
- Was Jack The Ripper really the Loch Ness Monster?Join us as we investigate these questions and more ...2008.08.06 17:58:00
- I agree that high sec is too comfy, but I don't think the suicide nerf has much to do with it. Proba ...2008.08.06 17:55:00
- Stock Response:*Sec Status Hit: Only occurs to one person even if a dozen are involved in the gank. ...2008.08.06 14:52:00
- I can't think of anyone who deserves sympathy that's been suicide ganked. - The people carrying 100m ...2008.08.06 14:28:00
- I'm more in favor of simply nerfing the crap out of L4s in high sec than moving them, but I agree wi ...2008.08.06 13:38:00
- "If guns can't track it that's fine and dandy, who cares about guns anyway? But nothing should ever ...2008.08.06 04:58:00

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