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- Well, once a corp thief, always a corp thief. Whom ever takes this guys better watch the roles, or j ...2009.12.22 17:14:00
- Eh, anything you say in here is gonna end up crossing RZR's table anyway - Tappits' OP is already up ...2009.12.16 19:01:00
- So whats happened is SOT killed Hurley's personally owned Titan, which either SOT or Hurley can repl ...2009.12.13 14:00:00
- I like the other SoT fail thread (the Hurley one) much better. ...2009.11.30 03:11:00
- LOL. Killing a member's Titan on a whim is nothing serious, just fun?Add that to your recruitment as ...2009.11.27 20:12:00
- Just send some evemails about their titan pilots leaving. You'll win for sure! ...2009.11.27 17:43:00
- I gotta thank the OP. This has been the best EVE comedy in recent history.To sum up the 16 pages:SOT ...2009.11.27 17:35:00
- oh YA i am off to IT alliance i hear they pay very welland in IT they only steal blue titans in SOT ...2009.11.26 13:56:00
- Edited by: Kozak on 25/11/2009 15:29:33 Lesson learned.If you can't make it into eve history books ...2009.11.25 15:25:00
- Why thank you for clearing that up Hurly, and hate no I dont hate you at all, dislike is probably th ...2009.11.24 23:44:00
- It's a Supercarrier! ...2009.11.01 22:19:00
- Next time just contact the alliances in question and advise them on how many dreads to bring. ...2009.07.29 13:59:00
- test ...2009.06.23 15:03:00
- Sadly we had to withdraw from tournament due RL issues , but there is always next year Best of luck ...2009.01.22 05:15:00
- I still think Jake is a spy. Happy Birthday! ...2009.01.14 14:46:00

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