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- Will a PSN account be required to play DUST? ...2011.06.07 04:09:00
- It's extremely disappointing to hear that DUST will be a Playstation exclusive. I'm not interested i ...2011.06.07 03:58:00
- Could we _please_ get an API call to list blueprints with their ME/PE/copy flag? Just like the data ...2010.10.04 17:32:00
- Now, can any of you tell me what the morale of that story is?Anti-cheat software is ridiculously pro ...2010.07.21 01:12:00
- The CSM can't achieve anything if CCP refuses to ever work on things they bring up.Saying "six issue ...2010.07.20 21:36:00
- Edited by: OwlManAtt on 19/07/2010 23:24:47 Edited by: Grozen on 19/07/2010 22:59:14 i think every ...2010.07.19 23:23:00
- A few of us talked to CCP Atropos about third party developer involvement in the #eve-dev IRC channe ...2010.07.19 21:43:00
- It's not "bear with us guys, this is going to be slow for a while"; it's the total and flat "no" tha ...2010.07.19 17:59:00
- CCP Zulu and CCP Hellmar have both posted, and neither have done anything to address our concerns: n ...2010.07.19 17:24:00
- The theory is that setting the game in a persistent universe where it actually matters that you win ...2010.07.19 08:28:00
- Edited by: OwlManAtt on 19/07/2010 00:49:08 Edited by: OwlManAtt on 19/07/2010 00:41:56 What stage ...2010.07.19 00:41:00
- /supportAnd can I kindly have something like the S&I -> Corp Blueprints tab over the API? I maintain ...2010.07.19 00:34:00
- Sorry, giving out CSM forum badges is not in the 18-month plan. Once Incarna and Dust are out, they' ...2010.07.19 00:26:00
- There is a dedicated team working on Lag, a dedicated team working on simulating lag, what the blood ...2010.07.18 22:57:00
- Hey, not fun when someone does selective quoting against you is it, distorts the message a bit doesn ...2010.07.17 00:13:00

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