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- Hey Samus, I'm not sure why your comparing a 3yr old player who doesn't actually do much playing ve ...2006.06.18 18:53:00
- So can a POS refining array melt down rat loot? Or is it only able to refine ore?Thanks for the hel ...2006.06.08 17:30:00
- Those stats better be wrong for the t2 barge cause it still only has 3 high slots. Unless it has so ...2005.09.03 04:49:00
- no devs or tech help on this one? i can't play the game unless this problem is fixed ...2005.09.02 21:47:00
- I recently upgraded my computer to an A64 and pci express motherboard. To make the switch cheap i s ...2005.09.02 10:05:00
- wow, i didn't expect this much info. thank you all :)yeah stain and FA are the only alliances aroun ...2005.05.22 18:23:00
- aw, where did CA go. They were a fun bunch.I saw how the mineral market dried up, trit is insanely ...2005.05.20 14:46:00
- Well i quit eve over a year ago to this date but i got my chacter back and started playing again. T ...2005.05.20 02:31:00
- :( aww, i want Roark back ...2003.11.13 01:27:00
- aw , where'd he go, how about somebody else make a big trit buy order typo. ...2003.11.13 01:01:00
- Hey Roark, i'm kinda poor atm , could you set up another 100mil typo for me. ...2003.11.13 00:56:00
- cheers to tomb for trying to help balance weapons. i'll try to get on teh test server to help work ...2003.11.11 16:42:00
- Edited by: James Hawkings on 10/11/2003 18:26:19 wow, everybody who is fighting curse thinks of the ...2003.11.10 18:24:00
- bah, having 4 tachs firing instead of 4 neutrons eats far more cap and uses and incredible more amou ...2003.11.08 16:38:00
- truncated content ...2003.11.05 07:05:00

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