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- The SecWars game from the Incarna bar trailer (when it was still Ambulation/WiS).I would buy it.Actu ...2011.06.28 11:29:00
- Token charge? What's needed for the contract is an exchange of value...I'm certain the creative min ...2011.06.22 19:38:00
- Well the NEX items certainly won't impact PLEX prices! ...2011.06.22 03:44:00
- The way it was worded, it most likely was a committed feature until they saw they were about to **** ...2011.06.16 20:48:00
- Wrong. Most of the outrage is based on the fact that we have lost faith in them in general. That ...2011.06.16 18:52:00
- Any time that you, CCP, are looking for community feedback on an idea via a dev blog, you should mak ...2011.06.16 18:36:00
- We have kept the fee as low as possible and hope that the $99 fee. . . $99 is not "as low as possib ...2011.06.15 19:11:00
- You are charging people who work for free to make your game better you asshats Needs quoting for ...2011.06.15 18:22:00
- If anything, CCP should be paying the 3rd party developers for making tools that fill holes in the u ...2011.06.15 17:51:00
- A solution to this was covered in a dev blog two months ago.Time Dilation: ...2011.06.14 16:30:00
- I want SecWars! D: ...2011.06.09 17:59:00
- Happy Birthday EVE! :D ...2011.05.06 01:46:00
- Snowball Maker? ...2011.05.01 08:58:00
- Happy Birthday EVE!I've been here for over 8 years, and I'm looking forward to another 8! ...2011.04.29 18:09:00
- Correct, the assets haven't been changed yet (except the check boxes, as noted in the test forums th ...2011.04.26 06:45:00

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