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- Eleana Tomelac,8,2,6,5,13,18,21,51,77,75 ...2011.07.31 17:56:00
- Maybe what you are really searching for is...When you modify your order, the duration isn't set agai ...2010.12.06 07:51:00
- Since incursion 1.0.0, it seems that hitting reload on ships with energy weapons gets us that messag ...2010.12.05 22:48:00
- No more switching skills or trading/hauling from my eee pc...Well, I've been thinking about replacin ...2010.10.08 14:42:00
- But... It isn't pink?Gift ships should go to BPO after 6 month, it would be really cool, even if the ...2010.06.25 11:51:00
- I didn't see this answered yet...Can we build stuff on planets for our corp? Can we at least allow ...2010.04.22 13:05:00
- Performance is one thing, but L shaped or larger rectangular shaped grid is quite the same, you can ...2010.04.06 16:07:00
- So, that's exactly the point...L shaped grids are wrong in my point of view, using bad game mechanic ...2010.04.06 15:41:00
- I partially read the grid fu manual, quite a long time ago...You're telling me that flying in a stra ...2010.04.06 15:32:00
- Many of you read the grid fu manual and saw how you could do stuff to grids...In some cases, it's ju ...2010.04.06 14:50:00
- Your consern about lower lvl missions is misplaced. It never pays to do lower lvl missions, no matte ...2010.01.13 17:12:00
- Very short time limits might cause people to do missions in group to get the highest bonus... At le ...2010.01.13 14:25:00
- What exactly you aligned the ship with? Its acceleration vector? Seriously, this could look cool. ...2010.01.12 09:51:00
- # Opening the People & Places window or creating a new mail while having a very large number of entr ...2009.12.14 15:30:00
- The lack of refuelling boredom makes some people happy, for sure, but their masters won't let them t ...2009.12.07 11:25:00

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