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- LOL NEKO...its called a market economy knob. and a poster a few up was correct a les affaire econom ...2004.05.26 20:12:00
- content delivery isnt a problem theyve stated they want to keep the game small,only way to do that i ...2003.10.24 15:40:00
- i bribed my level 2 to max and have done 40 missions past that and still not a single referal missio ...2003.10.24 15:19:00
- Edited by: Nafres Maelstrom on 24/10/2003 15:12:58 something is definately bjorked after the dbaser ...2003.10.24 15:11:00
- im at 68 missions atm and ive not gotten one decent mission offering,usually there are precursors fo ...2003.10.24 01:13:00
- red i think what the poster was alluding to is that research and manufacture get backburnered quite ...2003.10.22 23:06:00
- from a corperate viewpiont its hard to maintain anything,and accrue more when we are losin our best ...2003.10.22 10:08:00
- CD that may be ccp tac on the game,but as a payin customer who bought the game expecting what was on ...2003.10.22 03:10:00
- this week 4 of the main players in our corp have left eve.add to this one last week and a few the se ...2003.10.22 02:47:00
- hmmm ...2003.10.22 02:31:00
- lol redcsm like thats a realistic timeframe for any feature far there trackrecord with d ...2003.10.22 00:24:00
- i have several level 3 agents for various factions,well after the dbase upgrade,i started workin tow ...2003.10.22 00:07:00
- i seem to be getting very long loads for space,and loggin.generally the sever seems somewhat more st ...2003.10.19 12:22:00
- try orvolle theres a agent there at dockin u can get ...2003.10.19 01:11:00
- 12.01 ...2003.10.17 03:39:00

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