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- Meissa knows more about the mechanics of the game than anyone, probably including some of the devs. ...2011.03.22 04:25:00
- The shelf life will probably be shorter than the development time, tbh.This, sadly. We're not talkin ...2010.08.07 10:58:00
- Old, not sure if I'm even in the top thousand (the US release was a day or two behind the EU release ...2010.08.04 04:31:00
- Yeah, I'll +1 this. ...2010.06.05 04:39:00
- Get five friends.Make five minnie alts.Train up destroyer and small arty.Make six thrasher gank squa ...2009.12.25 18:48:00
- My name is Kilhu Emmek, and I endorse griefing macroers.This message paid for by the Chinese Artific ...2009.12.25 17:50:00
- Watching the prequels was like paying 10 dollars to see my childhood ****d slowly over 120 minutes.G ...2009.12.25 17:43:00
- Bumped for the name "Higgs Bison." Do you hang out near the Large Haydron Collider?Also: I trust al ...2009.12.25 17:27:00
- To OP: you are doing it wrong. Dock, or get on your combat alt, and look for the guy when he comes t ...2009.12.25 17:13:00
- Yeah, but I think that one got ixnay'd for good when freighters finally came out. Plus, removing muc ...2009.12.25 17:06:00
- I've always thought the rumors about CCP coding ambulation for that werewolves/vampire game (and ser ...2009.12.24 00:48:00
- Contact your credit card company.They cannot legally charge your card until the order has processed ...2009.12.23 21:42:00
- Get. Higher. Skillz. In. Scanning.Fixed. ...2009.12.16 08:37:00
- Wish we could get some before and after shots. ...2009.12.12 07:29:00
- ** I move away from 0.0 to breath inThread, and subject, now concluded. ...2009.12.10 01:12:00

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